Girl Online On Tour Review

“Arguments sometimes need to happen in order for things to be OK again…”

Title – Girl Online On Tour
Author – Zoe Sugg                                          
Pages – 338

I absolutely motored through the second instalment of the Girl Online series, which is called Girl Online On Tour. A trip to London definitely helped me get through the novel in record time so here’s what I thought!

I was desperate to find out how the story continues and to see how the relationship between Penny Porter and Noah Flynn develops. So many questions that needed answering. After discovering Noah’s big secret, can Penny really face life on the road accompanying a rock star? Can she see past the sheer arrogance of Noah’s best friend, Blake and how does she deal with being blackmailed by an unknown person, threatening her romantic relationship with Noah and her friendship with Elliot and Alex?

Penny also finds herself looking to the future – as most teens do at the age of 16. Does she want to make a name for herself, or is she content to be “just Noah’s girlfriend?” You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Another great book and the perfect way to continue the saga but I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first. Yes, the story feels a lot more grown up and covers many more adult themes, such as blackmail, arguments and coming out, but I found Penny to be a bit on the needy side. I’d probably be a bit needy too if I was thrown into this unique and completely unexpected world. Yes, life on the road is undoubtedly tough, especially when dealing with anxiety and loneliness and being as young as she is, but going back home would’ve been the most obvious answer. (Or not to let her go in the first place!)

On the other hand, I really enjoyed seeing the blossoming relationship between Penny and Leah Brown. It’s something that I didn’t expect to read but it was a great unexpected twist. I’m very jealous of the shopping trip to Sephora on what I imagine to be one of the most famous streets in Paris, the Champs-Elysees – which just so happens to be my favourite place in the whole world.

I was also a little bit sad with the ending between Penny and Noah. The ending for Elliot and Alex was great – I really enjoyed that bit and may have been slightly jealous of the gesture. (I’m looking at you here, Jon!)

However, this doesn’t stop me from being desperate to finish the third novel. It’s been sitting on my desk since Christmas so I’m going to get started!

Score – 3 out of 5


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