The Girl on the Train Review

“She’s much more than just the girl on the train…”

Title – The Girl on the Train
Author – Paula Hawkins
Pages – 409

I’m not really one of these people who follow trends – my husband and I started watching Game of Thrones when it seemed like everyone else was already on Season 4 and the same sort of thing happened when The Girl on the Train came out.

I’ll be honest, I never went to see the film because all the reviews I’d read and heard said that it was rubbish. However, this didn’t stop me reaching for the book. In my experience, even since starting Emma Reads, it’s often the case that the books are so much better than the films, so I should probably see if it’s the case here too!

On to the review! The story begins with a daily train commuter called Rachel who spots something odd on the side of the train tracks whilst being stopped at the traffic lights. An alcoholic, she’s just lost her job, her husband is married to someone else and her life is slowly crumbling around her.

One day, she spots something that just doesn’t seem right at all and the image of those seemingly innocent clothes tossed at the side of the track just won’t leave Rachel’s mind. Over time, she’s made a make-believe life for those living in the houses just off the tracks, where she used to live with her ex. That evening, after suffering a blackout, both a result of alcohol and a violent hit on the head, that one, imperative night is a complete blur to her. A missing woman, a shady alibi and an over-familiar man on the train makes for a tremendous thriller with a sudden twist to the tale.

The book is written in a sort of diary form which follows the lives of the three main characters, Rachel the train commuter who somehow becomes an integral part to the story, Megan the troubled woman who seems to have a perfect life from the outside and Anna, the bitter yet protective mother who can’t shake the feeling that something strange is going on and that her husband knows more than what he’s letting on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book – I didn’t guess who the culprit was until I was over halfway through (I’m not the best with guesswork!) In the end, Rachel did sort of get on my nerves and I was angling for her to stop drinking but I guess it’s an integral part of the tale – if she’d been sober, she’d have remembered all the important details.

The story did resonate with me, in that I’m also a daily commuter and use the train religiously and over time, you do get used to the same people travelling with you and see the same houses and lights every single day. On the whole, I did enjoy the story and it certainly kept me guessing. Perfect for a read on your commute!

Score – 3 out of 5


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