These Days of Ours Review


“Best friends are forever, and true love always finds a way. Doesn’t it?”

Title – These Days of Ours
Author – Juliet Ashton
Pages – 406

I lead a very busy life so in a recent, desperate bid to find some time for myself, I’ve been heading to my local library to find some different books to read.

I’ve always loved the library – peaceful, with a massive selection of books you can read for free and the excitement of not knowing what you’ll come across, all adds to the experience for me! On Monday, I had a very rare day off from work, and to fill an hour or so, I headed to library to see what I could find.

I came across a book called These Days of Ours and after reading the blurb, I added it to the pile I’d already collated. When I got home, this is the book I picked up first. And boy, I’m glad I did!

Kate and Becca are not only cousins but also the very best of friends, sharing each milestone with one another as well as the odd man, here and there! The book follows their lives, the various trials and tribulations they both have to face along the way along with dealing with each other as they change and develop as they grow older.

Along the way, we the readers, see boyfriends, arguments, marriages, divorces, babies, fertility issues, parenthood and everything in between. Will the one that got away finally make his way back to Kate after all these years, or is it too little, too late? Will Kate and Becca’s relationship stand the test of time? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Whilst this book may not be the most popular, I absolutely loved it. I found myself empathising with some of the themes within the book, some of which really hit home!

Kate and Becca’s characters just fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and I even found Kate’s relationship with her overbearing mother endearing. As the story went on, and Kate and Charlie both kept missing opportunities, I found myself thinking that I should definitely be much more opportunistic – I’ve learnt that I should grab things before time just passes me by! Life lesson learnt by reading These Days of Ours!

A great read – nothing more to say!

Score – 4 out of 5


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