One Day Review


“Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today; and I’ll always remember it.”

Title: One Day
Author: David Nicholls
Pages: 435

Okay, this next review, as you’ve probably guessed, will look at One Day.

This is my mum’s book, which reminds me that I should probably return it to her at some point. Since I borrowed it, which was around 3 years ago now(!), I believe I’ve read it about 4 times. I’ve read it in the bath, on the way to work, and when I’m unwinding. Why do I go back for this book? Well,  I absolutely love it.

I read the book before watching the film, which I’m so glad I did because the book is so much better! Whilst the actors really capture the story, I just feel that the book shows it that much better. Again, if you haven’t read the book or seen the film, I’ll try not to ruin the whole story for you!

The story follows the lives of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, two completely different people, destined for completely different things. Emma has always loved Dexter but has never felt confident enough to make a move, him being a bit of a prat at university. That is, until their graduation night.

Following that one night, life continues to pass them by, each of them seeing different people and doing various jobs but all the while staying friends. But while Dexter enjoys a high-flying life, filled with travelling, girls and partying, Emma leads a more quiet life, working various dead end jobs and generally struggling to make ends meet. But as the years go by, there’s a shift and as Dexter’s life start to spiral out of control, Emma grows in confidence (Dexter’s advice) and goes from strength to strength, both personally and professionally.

Will Emma and Dexter ever admit to how they feel and will the time ever be right? That is the question!

I absolutely love this book. It really shows how easy it can be for two people who know that they love each other but never find that same, mutual moment to actually be together, to give up the pretence and actually listen to their emotions. The themes discussed are so real and can affect everyone – death, fertility issues, job loss, divorce, the list is endless. I also really like the fact that the chapters alternate between Emma and Dexter, meaning we get both characters’ perspectives and feelings on certain aspects of their lives. This gives the reader the feeling that over the years, you really get to know their personalities and views on the world.

The story also really makes you stop and think how fragile life can be. I certainly learned through reading the book that I need to love and enjoy every day of my life – to make the most out of any situation.

To be honest, I don’t have a negative to give – rare for me!

A lovely book, but make sure you have a packet of tissues on hand.

Score – 5 out of 5


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