The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea Review



Title: The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea
Author: Jane Linfoot
Pages: 339

Firstly, I need to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I love writing and I love writing this blog, but I’ve been dealing with something personal for a little while that’s been my main focus but now, I’m back and reading more than ever before!

I picked up The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea a few months ago during a regular library trip. Why did I pick it up? To be honest, it was the front cover that sold it for me. It looked fun, girly and a bit of a light read. Exactly what I needed at the time!

Brides by the Sea is a cute boutique located right next to the sea. On each floor of the shop, they offer a different service, wedding dresses, delicious cakes and bridesmaid dresses. Poppy is the maker of cakes at Brides by the Sea and is completely passionate about her cakes. Cate is her best friend and she thinks she’s found the perfect, rustic venue until her wedding planner unexpectedly leaves her in the lurch. Cate asks Poppy to step in, what with her experience and contacts in the wacky world of weddings. How can she refuse?!

It’s this way she meets handsome farmer Rafe, whose all about his farming and animals. Notoriously difficult to thaw, Poppy is finding it ever harder to work in such close proximity to Rafe, but it’s obvious that something is eating away at him.

Can Poppy and Rafe work together in making some serious cash out of the farm? Will Poppy and Cate’s friendship survive the strain of wedding planning? Will someone else catch Poppy’s eye? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

The book is written really well – as I was reading it, all I wanted to do was to put on my PJ’s, wrap up in a blanket with a big bowl of ice cream. Typical romance, easy to guess what happens but with some unexpected twists along the way. Loved it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book – I didn’t realise that it’s the first in a collection so I’ll be sure to buy the next book. I’m a sucker for easy reading, romantic books so The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea is right up my street! I’d highly recommend this one, especially now the summer is well and truly here!

Score – 4 out of 5


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