Watching Edie Review


Title: Watching Edie
Author: Camilla Way
Pages: 368

My lovely colleague Shelley recommended I gave this book a try. I liked the sound of it, especially considering how much I enjoyed reading The Girl on the Train earlier this year.

I’ve never really been a thriller fan, but I feel that over the last few years, the genre really has kicked up a notch. Easier to follow and so much more exciting, why wouldn’t you enjoy a juicy story?!

Watching Edie (not Eddie, Shell!) follows the tale of, well Edie, sixteen years after a dramatic occurrence in her life. Something, we don’t find out until the very end, happens which changes her life forever and since then, she’s been running away from her dark secret. That is until her former best friend, Heather, reappears in her life.

Having not seen Heather for many years, finding her there, in her tiny flat after all this time of course bring back memories of him. Connor. The only real love of her life, Edie was completely wrapped up in Connor. So, what happened to change this? Edie has moved on, she just wishes Heather leave her alone!

What is this dreadful secret Edie’s been hiding? Where has Heather been lurking all this time? Is Edie completely safe from the demons of her past? I’m not saying a word!

The book is written so well – a constant cliffhanger! I also really enjoyed the fact that the book was split into two – it followed Heather’s story sixteen years ago, and Edie’s story now. I’ll be honest, I was slightly disappointed with the end of book, but it could leave room for a sequel….yes please!

To be completely honest, I couldn’t put the book down. I found myself feeling desperate to know what happened all those years ago and to find out why Heather is the way that she is. Just remember, whilst reading this book, there’s ALWAYS two sides to every story. That’s all I’ll say!

Score: 4 out of 5


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