Wilde Like Me Review


Title: Wilde Like Me
Author: Louise Pentland
Pages: 400

Over the last year or so, I’ve really been into watching YouTubers. I find myself turning to these vloggers for a review before buying anything these days showing that they have a great deal of influence over their viewers.

I used to watch Louise Pentland religiously but found a lot of her content quite repetitive, but I knew that I wanted to give her newly released book, Wilde Like Me a go to see what it was all about – after all, I’d heard about it enough!

Robin Wilde is a single mother, working as a make-up artist and has friends and family that love her. But Robin is incredibly lonely – there’s no guarantee of work, her ex has settled down with someone else and she struggles to fit in with the mummy crowd at her daughter’s school.

But is everything about to change? Will the opportunity of a lifetime give her life from this grey cloud of misery? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

The book was exactly how I thought it would be. Easy, predictable and cheesy. I did really enjoy the very real themes the book covered but I couldn’t help but read the book as Louise – if you follow her YouTube channel, you’ll know that there are very similar themes that run through both Robin and Louise’s lives.

Also, and this is quite picky, there were quite a few grammatical errors within the book. I wouldn’t usually mind – editing is hard work (I know this too well) but if you’re going to promote and scream about your book, then you should probably make sure it reads correctly!

I did enjoy it, but if there is a sequel (which I believe there will be) I won’t be picking it up!

Score: 2 out of 5



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