Happy Mum, Happy Baby Review


Title: Happy Mum, Happy Baby
Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Pages: 356

Firstly, I need to apologise. I haven’t updated the blog for a little while – I’ve been rather busy loving and caring for my baby, Raife. Raife came into the world 11 days early on Monday, 6th November 2017. He missed being born on Bonfire Night by 2 hours, but hey, there we go!

Raife has just turned 3 months old, and it’s been the craziest, tiring but most rewarding and best experience of my life. Sure, there have been days that have really been quite tough – overtiredness, establishing breastfeeding and just generally getting used to each other. But the good certainly outweighs the bad.

It was therefore quite fitting that I received Happy Mum, Happy Baby as a Christmas gift from my lovely sister. I’m not too sure if she was trying to tell me something or if she just felt that it was a fitting subject, considering what Raife and I were (and still are, going through!)

I follow Giovanna on Instagram – I like that she speaks about taboo subjects that mums especially are subjected to e.g. “springing” back into shape following the absolute marathon that is pregnancy and childbirth. She’s completely honest and doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that parenthood can be tough and there are difficult days. In a world where the “perfect Instagram shot” is so prevalent, I think it’s extremely refreshing to see a parent’s tired face – after all, we all have days where we manage on very little sleep or dealing with a poo-nani!

Happy Mum, Happy Baby follows Giovanna’s journey from being pregnant to becoming a mother. She has two children, Buzz and Buddy and they are extremely cute (there’s plenty of images shown throughout the book.) She talks about childbirth without any frills, how difficult it is to go out and about with a newborn and the difficulty that is setting and sticking to a sleeping routine.

One topic that is discussed frequently within the book is breastfeeding in public and that Giovanna wasn’t confident to do it. After reading about her experience, it made me even more keen to give it a go – and I have and we feed regularly, whenever Raife needs it.

The book was a very easy read and I found myself nodding along to many of the points mentioned such as the utter fear of breastfeeding in public, leaky boobs as well as the sheer exhaustion you feel in those early days as a new parent. I love how honest Giovanna is and at a time where I was adjusting to motherhood, it was reassuring to read that not everything is perfect (and this is TOTALLY fine!) There is an emphasis that we’re all trying our best for our babies and there’s nothing better than that!

This isn’t a “tip” book, so if you’re looking for advice, this probably isn’t for you – it’s a personal journey where you may be able to empathise with certain aspects.

A must-read for those of you who may be pregnant, are new to this whole motherhood rollercoaster or just wondering what raising a child is really like!

Score – 4 out of 5

You can purchase your copy of the book here


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