The Jolly Postman Review


Title: The Jolly Postman
Author(s): Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Number of pages: 25

As a mum and a keen reader, I think it’s super important to read to your children – no matter how young they are. As a child, I used to love stories and can’t help but feel that Raife does too. The sound of my voice or his dad’s is always good to calm him down so we definitely know and understand the benefits of reading.

When I was little, my favourite book of all time was The Jolly Postman and you can imagine my absolute joy when I found the book in a local Hamleys store around 5 years ago!

The book follows the postman’s journey as he delivers letters to an array of characters, including Cinderella, the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks. The letters are 3D so children are able to pull the letters out of their envelopes, as you would a real letter! There’s a mini storybook outlining Cinderella and Prince Charming’s tale, a birthday card for Goldilocks and a postcard from Jack to the Giant (Jack and the Beanstalk).

The book is extremely clever, written well and above all, fun! Each letter is tailored specifically to the character it relates to, making it a clever twist on their original tales.

I highly recommend this book – not only because it was my utter favourite, but because of how interactive it is. It’s also over 25 years old, meaning it’s definitely one to keep on your bookshelves!

Let me know what your favourite book was as a child in the comments section below.

Score: 5 out of 5

Get your copy of the book by clicking on the book cover above. 


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