A Change to Emma Reads – Mummy and Baby Product Reviews


As some of you may be well aware, I’ve recently become a mummy to a little boy called Raife and it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He’s my first baby, and on this crazy journey, I’ve already learnt so much – not least the products that retailers claim that you HAVE to have in order to make parenthood easier. In those early sleep deprived days, it’s super easy to think to yourself, that had you purchased a specific sleep-enhancing product, you may have had an extra hour sleep (something extremely precious as all parents will know!) only to find that it’s been a complete and utter waste of time and cash.

Although this blog started out as a book review site (this will continue – don’t worry!) I’ve decided that I’ll also be including reviews on mummy and baby products. There are lots of you out there who do your research before buying these products (I wish I had before wasting a lot of money!) so hopefully, this’ll help.

Raife is now almost four months old – which kills me! Along the way, we’ve tried a range of products, some good and some bad so make sure you hit the follow button to see how we’ve got on.

If there’s any product that you feel that we should try and review then make sure you let me know.



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