Ewan the Dream Sheep Review


When I fell pregnant back in February 2017, I was extremely excited and thrilled but there was a part of me that was really scared and apprehensive. I didn’t have a clue about babies and what they need so I turned to YouTube and it’s completely changed my life. I started following Channel Mum for advice, how my pregnancy was developing and found comfort in knowing that other mums were going through what I was.

Many mummy YouTubers vlog about the products that they found useful for their new babies and one that kept cropping up time and time again was Ewan the Dream Sheep. I hadn’t heard of Ewan before (we didn’t have them back when I was a baby!) and as I do with everything, jumped on Google to find out more.

As you can see, Ewan is an extremely cute sheep (and is available in both grey and purple). Created by Sweet Dreamers, they claim to “stop  your baby crying and get them to sleep within minutes…” Ewan offers white noise, a lullaby, womb and heartbeat noises to ensure your baby feels happy and safe. Ewan also has a pink glow, a natural choice to replicate the safety of a womb. After a certain amount of time, presumably as the baby is falling asleep, Ewan’s sounds quieten to ensure a smooth transition into sleep.

For £29.99, I thought it was a bargain and who can resist his cute little face?! I decided to buy the grey version because Raife has a grey nursery. We used Ewan from birth and although I found the sounds comforting, I don’t think they had the same effect on Raife. I don’t feel that he played for long enough and I feel that for the price, more sound effects could have been added. I also struggled to find how to turn Ewan off.

On the other hand, I did find that the rain sound in particular calmed the baby down, which is sometimes  more effective than actually getting him off to sleep. You can also get a snuggly Ewan without all the noises and light for a cheaper price so if you’re on a budget, this may be worthwhile to you.

I’d recommend that you give Ewan a go. Compared to other sleep aids out there, he is relatively cheap.

Score – 3 out of 5


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