Milton Dummy Cleaner Review


How many of you parents out there have been out and about and lo and behold, the one thing that’s been keeping your little one quiet falls on the dirty floor and guess what?There’s nowhere to clean it?! Yes, it’s happened to all of us at some point.

I’ll be honest – I’ve never been a fan of the dummy. I was dead set on never giving Raife one purely because I thought they didn’t look very nice. This was before I had a screaming, whingey baby living with me!

We managed to hold off using a dummy for 8 weeks – something I’m still quite proud of. The reason we caved is because Raife is exclusively breastfed and it was getting to the point where he would be constantly latched on to the breast making distinguishing feeding times extremely difficult. Now, I don’t know how we managed without it!


Although the dummy is great for keeping the baby calm, we do limit how much he has it. It does come in the bag with us when we go out – we’ve all been there when it falls on the floor without anywhere to clean it. This is where the Milton dummy cleaner comes in! I’d seen it in Boots and thought it was a bit of a novelty. But let me say, this product is an absolute life saver. I absolutely love it! For £6 (and an extra few quid for the mini sterilizing tablets) the Milton dummy cleaner is worth its weight in gold. I don’t care to think about the number of times the dummy has fallen out onto the floor but in 15 minutes, I know that I have a completely sterile dummy to pop back into Raife’s mouth.

You may be wondering how the Milton dummy cleaner works. Well, as you can see, it’s a little dome, very easy to store in a changing bag and includes 2 sponges that need to be soaked in cold water. You fill the bottom part of the dome with cold water and insert a sterilizing capsule. Wait for the capsule to dissolve, add the sponges, close the dome and off you go. When the dummy gets dirty, put the dummy in, leave for 15 minutes and that’s it!


This product is available in most pharmacies (I got mine from Boots) and is available in pink, blue and silver. I’m not too sure why there’s a need for all the different colours, but I bought mine in blue because it’s my favourite colour.

This is one of my must-have products, especially as the baby gets older and is more likely to want to pull the dummy out of his mouth and launch it to the ground. I highly recommend you get one if you use a dummy – it makes being out and about that much calmer to know that you have a sterilizer nearby.

Score – 5 out of 5


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