You Said It Mother’s Day Card Review

I’m really excited to be collaborating with You Said It for my next review.

You Said It is a small design and print company based in Cumbria and they specialise in fun and offensive greetings cards for all occasions.

I was free to pick any card I wanted from their extensive Mother’s Day collection. I decided to pick one of their least offensive cards, just because I can resonate with the message on this one; Mum – I get it now! Having recently become a mother myself, I’m not too sure how my mum managed to raise all 4 of us (who are very close in age too!)

The design is super sleek and the quality of the paper is lovely – it would take a lot for them to bend in the post, something which can be a concern when ordering and sending cards through the post.

The cards seen on the website are certainly unique. I haven’t seen anything similar in the card shops you see lining the high streets, that’s for sure. Although the designs on the front are cool, I have to say that I was slightly disappointed that there was no message inside the card – a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” would have been good to see. I know that it says on the You Said It website that the space is there to create your own special message, however, I think the printing of some words would break the space up rather nicely.

The price of each card is £2.99 which compared to your average card shop seems rather pricey. However, you know that it’s highly unlikely that anybody else will have bought the same card, and they’re lovely to keep. The quality of both the card and the envelope more than justify the price in my opinion (as well as the time it takes to create each unique message!)

If you’re looking to give your mum a funny and unique card this Mother’s Day, then I really recommend you take some time to check out the collection. However, these may be best avoided if your mum, grandmother or mother-in-law are offended!

You lucky readers can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount when ordering your cards online. Simply type bloggerm18 when you reach the checkout.

Score – 4 out of 5


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