Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support Review

How many of you remember your baby’s first bathtime? Chances are they screamed your house down – I know Raife did!

Before he was born, we bought a standard plastic baby bath from Mothercare. I had seen the Angelcare Soft Touch bath support advertised and had heard rave reviews from mummy YouTubers, but thought it was a bit pricey for what it is. Raife screamed every bathtime in the small, plastic bath and it came to the point where we dreaded bathtime. So when the Baby Event rolled around in our local Tesco, I was pleased to see that the Angelcare Bath Support was on sale.

I’ll be honest – but this product has completely transformed bathtime in our house. Raife is like a completely different baby – he’s quiet, chilled, and splashes his little feet in the water.


The Angelcare Soft Touch bath support can be bought in both blue and pink (we went with blue because it’s our favourite colour). The mesh which supports the baby’s back is nice and thick, so you know that baby is completely safe in the bath – obviously this doesn’t mean that you can leave your baby in the bath unsupervised. The mesh prevents the baby from slipping into the water and I’ve found that it’s especially useful when washing Raife’s hair. The water drains back, through the mesh rather than spilling onto his face meaning he doesn’t cough and splutter in the water. At the bottom of the device, there’s a layer of plastic which stops it from moving around in the water and there’s a maximum level on the front of the support so that you are well aware of how high the water should be making the support quite safe.

The Angelcare Soft Touch retails at £24.99 but I believe I paid £16 which is well worth the money. To be honest, had I known the positive effect of the support on my son, I would happily have paid full price.

If you’re really struggling with bathtime and thinking about purchasing the Angelcare Soft Touch, then I’d suggest you give it a go. It’s totally changed bathtime for us, making it a fun experience and a part of the day Jon and I really look forward to!

You can purchase your Angelcare Soft Touch bath support here. 

Score – 4 out of 5


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