Say Hello Play Mat Review

There are so, so many play mats, toys and accessories that businesses claim you need to have in order to keep your little one occupied and mentally challenged and stimulated.

Whilst pregnant, I searched high and low for a play mat for the baby. I knew that I wanted one, but was undecided about the style I wanted. The colour of the baby’s nursery is grey and so I was convinced that I wanted a grey mat. I was obsessed with having everything that matched (I think most mummies to be can empathise with this!)


However, my ever-so-wise husband pointed out pointed out that a baby should be stimulated, to look at the bright colours and accessories, and this is why play mats are so colourful. Yes, some can be garish and clash with the careful colour scheme of your home, but your whole life and home changes when a baby arrives!

The decision was taken out of my hands anyway as Hannah, my sister, decided that she wanted to buy the play mat as a gift for the baby. She chose the East Coast Say Hello play mat and it’s absolutely beautiful! Not too garish, but colourful enough to hold Raife’s attention. The mat itself is in the shape of a cloud and features 5 hanging decorations, including a sun with a mirror, a moon with a bell, and a cloud that plays a lullaby.


I particularly love the fact that there are so many different textures for Raife to explore. There are crinkly raindrops on the mat itself and a plastic star that includes raised bumps. The mat features two arches, one yellow and the other red – these can be removed (particularly useful if you need to lay a younger baby on the floor). The mat can also be folded, making it really easy to store so it’s not constantly in the way!


It’s hard to pick a negative when it comes to the Say Hello play mat. One thing I will say is that with a baby and a dog, the white mat itself is difficult to keep clean. You can’t machine wash the mat due to its features and it’s already dirty due to the dog’s investigating. I also mentioned the hanging cloud – well it only plays the one song and is very quiet. Although it entertains Raife for a certain amount of time, as a parent, there’s only so much of the same song I can take!

Overall, the Say Hello play mat is beautiful. Perfect to keep the little one entertained, great sensory product and easy to store when he goes to bed!

You can purchase the Say Hello play mat here. 

Score – 4 out of 5


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