Nuby Icybite Teething Keys Review

A teething baby is (usually) a grumpy baby – which is why being prepared before it happens is key (no pun intended!)

Whilst drooling, chewing and red cheeks may not always mean that your baby is teething – it’s definitely something worth checking before ruling it out completely. Babies can teethe from any age, some babies are even born with teeth, but it can take weeks and even months for a tooth to actually break through the gum – so strap yourself in, because it can be a very long and tiring process for both baby and you!

We were gifted the Nuby Icybite Teething Keys for Christmas by my parents and at the time, I thought it was way too early to be thinking about teething. After all, Raife was just over a month old. But a few weeks later, we noticed that he was definitely a lot more drooly and grizzly so after inspecting his gums, we saw two white buds firmly nestled in the gum. We pulled out the Nuby and popped it into the fridge for a few hours.

The Nuby is a set of three large keys and range in colour, red, yellow, green and blue. Each key is a different texture, allowing the babies’ gums to be massaged and each is filled with cooling gel which can offer relief between offering medication. The keys are also attached to a plastic ring meaning your baby can easily hold it themselves, developing their grip and hand to mouth coordination.

We’ve definitely used the Nuby a lot more over the past few weeks – so something’s happening in there! I feel that the Nuby offers some relief to Raife but not as much as it could. At the moment, the keys don’t comfortably fit into his mouth to offer the best relief (his mouth is too small yet). He does try to chew on the cool plastic, but due to his age, finds it difficult. I find that although it’s great to be able to put them in the fridge, they take a long time to cool enough to be able to offer some relief. I also worry that when Raife does cut some teeth that the gel will seep out so I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this as he gets older.

I do like this Nuby product – it’s especially great to offer short-term relief whilst being out and about but if you have a young, teething baby, it may be best to avoid for a few months.

It’s an extremely affordable product – you can pick one up from Amazon for around £4 so really cheap and could offer you and your baby some respite during the difficult time that is teething!

Score – 3 out of 5


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