My Pregnancy Symptoms

I had no idea what to expect during pregnancy. In the films, a mummy to be will likely be sick and tired for a few days before realising their period is late and then the penny drops that they may be pregnant. Whilst for some of you, this may very well have been the case, in reality, finding out your pregnant can be very different.

I didn’t feel different until about a week before taking a test. We’d been babysitting our niece and started experiencing some intense cramps. I thought it was probably the start of my ladies’ days because the pain literally felt exactly the same. I carried on as I normally would (albeit feeling a bit more tired and grumpy than usual). It had been a busy few weeks with Jon’s birthday and work so I just put it down to that!

The cramps continued for a whole week – which I thought was odd because it only usually lasts for two or three days at most. I was coming home from work and after wolfing down tea (I’m usually indifferent towards food), I would fall asleep on the sofa from around 7pm and only waking to go up to bed. I was constantly exhausted.

It came to Friday and I woke up to an overwhelming feeling of nausea. I ran to the bathroom to find that it was a false alarm, although the sickly feeling stayed. I took a look in the bathroom mirror and found that I had a load of really bad spots on one side of my neck. Fortunately, I’ve never really suffered with bad skin, only the odd spot here and there so to find so many sore, large spots on my neck made me feel confused.

It was at this point that I started to wonder if I could be pregnant. I mentioned to Jon that I’d purchase a test after work (to which he said that he didn’t see the point!) but I was determined to rule it out. Throughout the day, my fatigue got progressively worse, which only strengthened my suspicions.

We went to Tesco to pick up a test and after doing a rushed one at home before heading to an appointment at the chiropractor, it came back inconclusive. At the chiropractor, I was asked to lie down on my front and all I can remember is that it was extremely painful to do so. After a few minutes, I had to ask if I could get up, it felt that uncomfortable. After getting home, I decided to use the second test, and lo and behold, it was a very clear positive! I don’t think Jon and I quite believed it and went on to spend tens more pounds on the Clearblue digital tests just to be sure – they’re so expensive but you can’t argue with the result!

So, it didn’t happen like the movies and it doesn’t for most women! Although I had a few of the more obvious signs, I didn’t have sore boobs, I wasn’t sick and I didn’t have any food aversions or cravings (although this did come later in the pregnancy!) so I’d advise that you listen to your body and make sure you invest in some decent tests!


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