The First Trimester

The first trimester is often considered the most fragile period during a pregnancy and for many, it is. It lasts until you reach week 12 of pregnancy (around 3 months) and can be a very precarious time. Many choose to wait until this milestone to tell the world their happy news, and I completely understand and respect why having been there myself.

The first 12 weeks, for me, were tough. This is why we didn’t choose to tell even our close family until we reached 10 weeks. I didn’t feel confident to do so and in hindsight, I’m really glad we decided to wait. With trips in and out of the¬†hospital and two early scans, for me, it was a really worrying time. On the more positive side, I really enjoyed being able to bask in the life-changing news with only my husband – it was a really magical time as we looked forward to welcoming our new arrival.


However, it was a really difficult time. I was sick every day (and this continued until I was 22 weeks pregnant), I had terrible headaches and felt exhausted all the time. I’d get home from work with good intentions to clean and sort the house, but come 7pm, I was led on the sofa, snoring away. At this point, I did feel rather sorry for my husband – he’d be sat there every evening with nobody to talk to (except the dog!) At some points, it was really hard to keep the pregnancy a secret just because of the symptoms I was having.

I felt extremely excited to be pregnant but also very scared. Having never been in this position before, I had no idea what was considered “normal” and try to resist any urge to Google the symptoms I was experiencing. I couldn’t talk about it to anyone, because nobody knew and I felt that if I whined, I’d be seen as ungrateful for actually being able to conceive. I tried to enjoy every minute but at times, it was hard to remember that at the end, we’d (hopefully) have a healthy, bouncing baby.

One of the most exciting things to happen during the first trimester is a viability scan. It’s a milestone in itself and one that most parents-to-be really look forward to. For us, we’d already had two scans by the time we’d reached 12 weeks, but this didn’t stop the nerves and excitement I felt walking to the sonographer’s room. Fortunately, all was well and we could see the little bean wriggling away and the heartbeat. I felt relief and only then did I allow myself to take a deep breath and to accept that this was actually happening.

Telling close family was a huge relief and of course, everyone was thrilled for us! For my parents, it’s a first grandchild and for Jon’s, it’s a fourth so it was exciting news all around. Everyone asked how the first trimester had been and whilst it was tough, we made it through!




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