Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon Review

If you’re looking for toys for your babies, it’s very likely that you would have come across a Lamaze product. They’re stocked in all major children’s retailers and have been keeping little ones entertained for a number of years. Brightly coloured and filled with stimulating qualities, the chances you have a Lamaze toy in your home.

I came across the Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon at my local Boots store. I was looking for a new toy for Raife and was undecided which one to get (the toy choices on the market are endless!) I didn’t have a Lamaze product at home for him and have always wondered what all the fuss was about. I know a few mummy vloggers I watch had recommended the products so I decided to give it a go. I paid £14.99 for the Flip Flap dragon, quite pricey compared to other toys out there that seem to do a lot more, however the quality seemed good and I knew that the Lamaze products had had rave reviews.


At first glance, the dragon is extremely colourful with shiny purple wings and black and white squares (babies love things in black and white). The feet are made of crinkly material and the ears are soft (great for babies who are determined to put everything into their mouths!) The dragon itself is bright green – great for attracting a baby’s attention.

The main reason I decided on the Flip Flap Dragon was because of the pull chord located on the dragon’s back- if pulled, the wings fly up and down and creates a clicking noise. No batteries needed (a godsend for parents) and it’s certainly kept Raife happy and entertained while I attempt to get dressed before midday! I also really like that there’s a plastic hook which you can attach to your pram or play mat so that wherever you are, your baby will be entertained.


Raife absolutely loves Digby (the name we’ve given him!) – so although the price is quite expensive for what it is (you could probably get it cheaper elsewhere) it’s been well worth the money for us – anything that keeps the baby entertained is worth it! I love that the product is stimulating and covered in bright colours so we can learn through play. I also like that Lamaze is a reputable company with high quality products so it’s not likely to fall apart whilst we’re playing with him. I’ll definitely be investing in more of their products as Raife grows.

Score – 5 out of 5


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