Making the Most Out of Your Maternity Leave

I’m currently 6 months into my maternity leave, and boy, has it absolutely flown by!

I decided to start my maternity leave 4 weeks before my due date in November – my thinking was that this would give me some time to do everything I wanted to do before baby decided to make an appearance. Silly me. Raife decided to appear 2 weeks early, meaning I didn’t get the chance to finish my Sex in the City boxset or paint the kitchen!

Depending where in the world, maternity leave can vary in terms of length. Here in the UK, you’re entitled to a year and if you like, you can share this time with your partner (parental leave.) I’ve decided to take 10 months off – I would have loved to have taken the full year, but you know, adult life and bills!


Having worked all my life, I was a bit worried about how I would fill the days – I’m the sort of person who likes to be busy and staying in the house really isn’t my idea of fun. But we all know that going out all the time is expensive and being on a budget, it becomes important to find cheap things to do whilst still enjoying your time with your little one. Yes, there are days where you do need to stay at home but there’s plenty of things you can do here too.

  1. During naptime, watch a programme on catch-up
  2. Read a magazine or read a chapter of your book
  3. Visit a museum
  4. Visit an art gallery
  5. Take your baby to a baby massage class
  6. Go for a beach walk
  7. During naptime, go and get your nails done
  8. Head to a local mother and baby group
  9. Visit your local library – it’s never too early to start reading with your little one
  10. Take a walk on a route you’ve never been before
  11. Go shopping
  12. Start and maintain a blog
  13. Get stuck into a hobby
  14. Make moulds of your baby’s hand and footprints
  15. Decorate the baby’s nursery
  16. Get a load of baby photos printed and display throughout your home
  17. Catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while
  18. Visit an aquarium or a local farm
  19. Go to a cinema and attend a special screening for parents and babies
  20. Take your baby to messy play (or play in the house if you don’t mind mess!)
  21. Play with a bubble machine
  22. Play in a ball pit
  23. Read stories with your little one
  24. Visit family
  25. Go to an exercise class
  26. Go swimming
  27. Spending the day in your pjs watching television
  28. If you have time, batch cook some food for when the time comes for weaning
  29. Listen to audiobooks whilst you’re cleaning, doing the washing or just simply being super-mum (or super-dad for that matter!)
  30. Enjoy every single minute because it’ll fly by!

I know everyone says the same thing – to enjoy every minute, but trust me when I say, it really does fly! My husband and I have had the nursery chat today and I’m absolutely devastated about it! Although I only have a few short months left of my maternity leave, I plan to enjoy every single second! Make sure you do too!

What are your favourite things to do whilst on maternity leave? Leave your comments and suggestions below!


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