Baby Einstein Jumperoo Review

What strikes me as a new parent is how quickly babies grow and how many different toys they need as they grow! Raife absolutely loves his playmat and can be found most days playing with a variety of toys on there or rolling around, however, over the last few weeks, I could sense that he wanted and needed more stimulation. He’s been rolling over in the blink of an eye and sitting up unaided so I started to look around for a jumperoo.

What I didn’t realise was just how expensive they can be!

Raife’s mamgu and dadcu are extremely generous (and they spoil him) and kindly bought a jumperoo¬†for him – the Baby Einstein jumperoo to be exact. Purchased on Amazon, I hadn’t seen anything like it on the high street. The box arrived around 3 days after placing the order which I was very impressed by, considering its size. Jon was busy working so I wondered if I could put it together myself so that Raife could have a go. I’m really not the best when it comes to DIY and building things – I usually leave it to my much more patient husband! So while the baby napped, I decided to give it a go. Oh my goodness – it was the easiest thing to put together ever. I didn’t even need a screwdriver. The parts and poles simply clicked into position.

The hardest bit of the whole building process was getting the elastic bits in for the seat. Understandably, they have to be secure so that your child doesn’t fall out, however, and I did need some help from my husband here. Once secured, the seat turns 360 degrees so that Raife can access each station as and when he likes.

The jumperoo has four different play stations – there’s music, a bird that spins (Raife loves this one!) and plastic rings that link. I also like that the music station offers the option to hear numbers, different languages and shapes. The toys on the other stations are brightly coloured, of great quality and each offers a different sensory activity. I will say that the stations required a bit of effort when it came to clicking them into the right place, but they haven’t budged since – even with a 6-month-old pulling at them!¬†You will need batteries for the music station but isn’t that the norm for children’s toys?!

It’s taken Raife a while to get used to the bouncing motion – at first, he’d cry and want to be pulled out if the bouncing got a bit much. As he’s growing though, he is enjoying the feeling more and more. He’s started to smile and look at me as if to say, “Look mummy, I’m doing it myself!” He can’t stay in it for too long- he gets noticeably tired after about 15 minutes but I know he absolutely loves it!

As a mum, I absolutely love this product. Easy to assemble, not too big and entertains Raife for a little while (while I get to enjoy at least a lukewarm cup of tea), it’s been a great addition to his development. Admittedly, if you think you can have a jumperoo that fits in with the colour scheme of your living room, think again but if you have babies or children, you probably have an abundance of colourful, noisy toys already!

Although it was a gift, I’d definitely say it was worth the money, especially if you have a little one who needs to be entertained consistently – like my son!

Score – 5 out of 5


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