The First 6 Months

I literally cannot believe I have a 6-month-old.

It’s really true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun. Gone are the newborn days and we say hello to the little human we’re nurturing and what a fine little fellow he is (if I do say so myself!)


Raife Edward is developing into a right little character. He likes the sound of his own voice, loves his food and loves constant attention. He’s a busy boy who needs to be entertained all day, every day and gives you the most dazzling smiles to say thank you. He’s a complete charmer with the biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. He loves other babies and children and if he so much as hears another voice, he cranes his neck and struggles until you acknowledge him and he’ll happily babble away to you.

If you’ve seen any pictures of Raife, you’ll be able to see that he follows his dad in terms of looks – he does have the biggest blue eyes which he’s definitely inherited from my side of the family but other than that, he’s all Jon. This makes me a little sad – I did carry him for 9 months and endured labour and he still doesn’t look anything like me but it’s just something I’ll have to accept. Maybe he’ll have my personality…!

He still doesn’t nap consistently, yanks long hair and tries to breastfeed from anyone holding him. He’ll happily roll around on his play mat and if you turn your back for even a second, he’ll get into a completely different position. He can almost sit up on his own and is absolutely desperate to start crawling and moving around.


He’s still sleeping in our room. This is a combination of me not being able to completely let go and the fact that we need to finish decorating his nursery which will hopefully be done this coming weekend. He’s on solids now and has been for the past month or so and it’s going extremely well. He loves the Piccolo food pouches and insists on feeding himself with a spoon which is absolutely hilarious to see. At the moment, he’s not really enjoying finger foods. He’s much happier with the purees which I’m quite surprised about because he’s quite an independent guy but we’ll try again with this in a few weeks.

We’ve crammed so many things into his first 6 months already. He’s been swimming, to a farm, to a zoo, an aquarium, climbed 2 mountains, the list goes on. We’re always out and about because he loves being around other children and people – he has a very big family so it’s no wonder that he likes noise and chaos. He doesn’t have a choice really! I also think this is down to the fact that I take him to baby group on a weekly basis – he absolutely loves it!


The past 6 months have been an absolute joy and privilege. In a way, I’m so sad that the time is going so quickly, but at the same time, I cannot wait for the next 6 months and the months and years to follow. It has and continues to be one hell of an adventure!




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