Your First Father’s Day

Dear Daddy,

This time last year, I was around the size of an orange in mummy’s tummy. Today, I am a bouncing, smiley, drooly little boy and super excited to celebrate your first official Father’s Day! I’ll try my best to give you a lie-in but I can’t promise anything, sorry!

Since before I was born, you’ve had a huge influence on me. I used to kick my legs like crazy when I could hear your voice outside mummy’s tummy, I still enjoy listening to Metallica now I’m out in the big, wide world and I just generally get excited whenever you’re around. Whenever I see you, all I want to do is play with my toys, sing and for you to throw me around the place. I miss you when you have to go to work but as soon as you get home and I see your face, I have the biggest smile because being with you makes me so happy.


Everyone always tells mummy how much I look like you, much to her annoyance after she carried me for nine months, had lots of injections, scans and eventually, giving birth to me! Although I have her big, blue eyes and am blonde at the moment, my features, smile and long body are just like yours – I may even be as tall as you someday! I even sleep like you with my mouth slightly popped open!

You make me belly laugh and giggle every single day, no matter how tired or difficult a day you’ve had. You make sure to spend time with me playing on my playmat, bouncing me in my jumperoo or just generally messing around. I’m forever grateful for all the constant attention you give me, for singing the “Nakey Nakey” song and for reading me Bobby and Morph. Although when I was born, I really didn’t like bath time, now it’s one of my favourite times of the day – after booby obviously! It’s our special time to be together, splashing water, playing toys and giggling constantly, making mummy wonder what on earth we’re up to.


I can’t wait for the future with you, daddy. I can’t wait for you to take me to my first Chelsea match, to be with you when you buy me my first pair of football boots and for you to take me to my first football training session. I can’t wait to go with you to a concert, walks in the countryside with you, mummy and Sherlock and going to Disneyland (although I think mummy is WAY more excited for this than I am!)

I know that not every day is easy – I can be grumpy and grouchy when I’m tired or teething which can then make you and mummy grumpy and grouchy. But sometimes, it’s not easy being a baby where nobody can understand what I’m trying to say! Some nights, I’m awake a lot, but this is only because I want the day to start so that we can play with each other and have fun!


I hope that when I’m older, I’ll be as calm, loving and wise as you. I hope you’ll continue to guide me through life, showing me the way and encouraging me to be the best I possibly can be. You are my hero, my absolute best friend and I love you more than anything.

Happy First Father’s Day!

Raife xx



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