Weaning So Far

Our weaning journey has only just begun but I thought I’d update you all on our progress. The world of weaning can be a minefield, so hopefully this’ll help some of you who are embarking on your own weaning journey.

We decided to start weaning Raife just before he turned 6 months. Although it is recommended that you wait until your baby is 6 months old to start introducing solids, the one thing I have definitely learnt since becoming a mum is that you should follow your gut instinct because most (if not all) of the time, you’ll be right. We definitely got the feeling that Raife was showing us that he was ready to try some new tastes and textures – he would stare into our souls when we were eating, he could sit up quite confidently and he would make this whining sound whenever food was around. So we went for it.

And it turned out that our instinct was right.


We don’t really have anything to go by in terms of how well it’s going, but we’re thrilled with how Raife is doing. There’s not a lot he doesn’t like – at the moment, he’s not a fan of the Ella’s Kitchen pureed fish pie (which stinks by the way!) and that’s about it. He’s tried spaghetti bolognese, veggie lasagne, Moroccan cous cous, apples, pears, prunes, bananas and avocados. The list goes on.

We’re offering Raife pureed foods as well as finger foods – the finger foods has taken a little while for him to get used to. This surprised us because he is so independent and likes to do things for himself. We are persisting, offering and exposing him to new foods and textures, so hopefully, with time, he’ll start enjoying more solids.


We’ve tried a few different brands of pouches – Aldi’s own brand, Lidl’s own brand, Ella’s Kitchen and Piccolo and without a shadow of a doubt, the Piccolo pouches are our favourite. By a country mile. The flavours available are absolutely delicious – I’d happily eat a number of them myself, there’s a good variety to choose from and the packaging is perfect. As a parent, you know that when you give them a Piccolo pouch, you’re giving them an organic, healthy and nutritious meal. (This isn’t sponsored or a review, it’s just my honest opinion!) 

I’ve also been making my own purees (when I have the time) because I know exactly what’s in it and it’s sooo much cheaper! So far, I’ve made butternut squash, apple, pear, mango, peach and sweet potato puree. All I do is boil them up so that they’re nice and soft and then blend using my trusty Nutribullet. Share them into smaller portions using an ice cube tray and then pop them out when they’re needed.


There’s a few tools that we’ve bought or kindly been sent for review to use during our weaning journey. We bought some colourful, plastic bowls from Ikea which I can really recommend. They’re microwave and steriliser safe and can hold a good amount of food for when your baby wants to eat more. They’re cheap as chips too! We recently purchased some Munchkin spoons from Tesco and they’re colourful, they have a long handle making spoonfeeding that bit easier and the best bit is they change colour to white if the food on the spoon is too hot for baby to eat. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of gadgets and tech, these spoons are awesome! They really do work and you don’t have to worry about burning your baby’s mouth with hot food.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have received some products to keep Raife (and my kitchen floor!) somewhat cleaner during the weaning process. The bib sent by the lovely people at Messy Monsters is beautiful, wipeable and is comfortable for the baby to wear. I’ve also been sent a larger, coverall bib that actually attaches to the highchair no less by a great company called BibaDo so I cannot wait to try it out. I’ll be sure to let you know how we find it so make sure you keep an eye out for the review.


Weaning has been so much fun and fortunately for us, Raife has made the whole process relatively smooth. As he grows, I’m anticipating that he will become a lot more fussy and picky, but I’m hopeful that by exposing him to as many textures, flavours and colours as possible, he’ll at least try a wider range of foods.


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