8 Month Update

Where on earth did my newborn go?!

Raife hasn’t been a newborn for a while but as he’s now 8 months old, it’s time to actually accept that he’s no longer a little baby. This really did hit me when we went to baby group last week. He used to be one of the smallest babies there. Not anymore. He’s one of the biggest, rolling around and essentially launching himself at toys that are out of his reach.

At the last weigh-in, Raife weighs 17 pounds 7 ounces which puts him on the 25th percentile for weight and measures 73cm which puts him on the 91st centiles for height, so at the moment, he’s following his daddy. I’m not really overly worried about percentiles etc. because I believe that every baby is different and will progress at their own pace, but it’s good to know!

Raife can now sit up, mainly unaided. He does topple over if he’s tired or not concentrating but most of the time, he’s sat up and alert. He’s started military crawling around the floor, meaning we can’t leave him just in case he gets somewhere he shouldn’t.

Raife absolutely loves fuss and being around other children. He has since he was a couple of months old, but as he gets older and becomes more aware, you can really see that he’s itching to get involved in all the action. He struggles to get out of our arms to get a better view of where all the noise is coming from and when he’s in his pram, he’ll pull the cover down so that he can peer over the top.

Over the past few weeks, he’s really found his voice. He’s always been a chatty guy, but lately, he’s been making talking shapes with his mouth and forming sounds such as “baba” and “goi goi.” We don’t think it’s going to be too long before he says dada which is going to be so amazing (especially for Jon!) He’s also started yelling which I find hilarious – as do others when we’re out and about.

Everywhere we go, people stop and chat to Raife. Why? Because he smiles at everyone. Literally everyone. He has the most all-consuming smile you’ve ever seen, the type that stretches from ear to ear, all the way up to his eyes and as soon as he gets any attention, he babbles and laughs and smiles which inevitably attracts plenty of cooing and fuss.

Raife loves water and splashes his arms and legs around, meaning we have a bath too! He loves stories, singing songs and popping bubbles and is forever playing in his jumperoo and ball pit. He’s definitely gained a lot more interest in Sherlock over the past few weeks (poor dog!) and tries to yank his fur or tail whenever he’s close by. Sherlock is also warming to Raife – coming over to sniff him all over and bringing him his toys. This is nice to see because eventually and hopefully, they’ll become the best of friends.

We’ve also spent the last few weeks trying to find the right nursery for Raife. This has been tough – a lot tougher than expected due to the lack of nurseries that are around our area. We saw some that weren’t what we were looking for and one or two that were good, but the one we have chosen is what we believe to be the perfect option for us. I visited the nursery first because Jon was at work, and I fell in love with it. Small, homely and filled with educational and stimulating resources and activities for the children, even I wanted to stay there! Fortunately, there was a space for him so we went ahead and registered. His settling in session is booked and although I am extremely sad and emotional about it all, I’m also really excited for Raife to have something for himself and to make lots of new friends.

In terms of food and weaning, it’s going really well. He’ll try anything (he follows me in that sense) and if he doesn’t like it, he’ll be sure to let us know! He also likes to feed himself which we like to encourage but it’s sooo messy! I’m still breastfeeding him, although we have reduced the number of times a day. There are a number of reasons why – he’ll be going to nursery soon along with the fact that he’s definitely lost interest in the boob. He’ll suckle for a few seconds and if he hears a noise, the television or senses that somebody is nearby, he’ll instantly lose interest. This isn’t to say that it’s been an easy decision or that I’ve found it easy, but that’s a WHOLE other blog!

I just cannot believe that I have an 8-month old. He’s changing every single day and it’s a joy and wonder to see.


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