The End of Maternity Leave – An Open Letter to Our Son

Dear Raife,

I cannot believe that I’m writing this today because it means that the end of mama’s maternity leave is coming.

Since finding out we were having you on St. Patrick’s Day, 2017, our lives have completely changed for the better. I had a hunch you were a boy, which I was right about, I thought you’d make an early appearance, which you did, and I really wanted you to have the biggest, blue eyes, which you do!

When you came into the world, theatre staff asked mama and dada who the calmest one in the relationship is. Truth is, it’s neither of us so it’s amazing to have such a chilled and relaxed baby. I hope this continues throughout your life because it’ll put you in good stead for all sorts of future milestones and challenges. One challenge that you’ll have to overcome soon is going to nursery but I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll settle in well and enjoy every moment.

You’re absolutely hilarious. We laugh together every single day, even through the tough days, and even though you can’t talk yet, I know you understand a lot of what we’re saying to you. We have filled our days with singing, reading, smiling, playing and taking Sherlock for walks which you absolutely love. We’ve gone to weekly baby groups and you’ve played with lots of other children. Mummy has also made some lovely friends which she absolutely loves.

There have been tough days too. Nap times were tough to master when you were smaller, you’ve been teething for forever with still no sign of a tooth and you’ve pulled my hair so many times that I think I have a bald patch at the back of my head. I haven’t had a peaceful shower or toilet trip since you were born and there have been days where you’ve been permanently attached to me, but I honestly wouldn’t have changed a single day.

Know that the past 9 months have been the best ever. I’m going to miss spending every single day with you, showing you the world and just having fun. But don’t worry. Every single minute we do have together, in the evenings, on mummy’s day off and on the weekends, we’re going to do so much with each other that you’ll probably be sick of me!

Come next Monday, mama will definitely cry but don’t worry. I’m just sad to be leaving you and that a very special and important time for us is coming to an end. I’ll be okay (eventually!) and daddy will be sure to offer a shoulder to cry on and words of comfort!

I just want to say thank you for choosing us to be your family. Thank you for making us your parents and thank you for making my maternity leave experience truly amazing. Mama and dada love you more than anything in the whole world.

Mama x


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