My Review of the My First Photo Book

As a busy mum, I quite simply never have the time to print off my photos. I had visions of the walls of my home being completely covered with pictures of my baby, as a newborn and throughout, however this really hasn’t happened. The gallery on my phone is stuffed to the brim with baby photos which is why I’m extremely excited that Photo Box have come up with an exciting way to enjoy your photos in real life.

If you haven’t heard of Photo Box, then where have you been?! They are one of the biggest online photo printing companies in the world and are a way for you to enjoy your pictures without leaving your home. Photo Box encourages you to bring your photos to life and with the launch of My First Photo Book, now you really can!

I was asked to review the My First Photo Book and it was an absolute pleasure. The process, all done online, was quick and easy – even for a technophobe like me! All you need to do is choose the images you’d like to include within the book, along with a relevant caption and that’s it. Simple. I decided to incorporate pictures taken during his first Christmas, first snow day and first time being held by his mama and dada. You can choose a font from the selection provided, the location of your text on the page as well as the background colour of the book. I went for a simple white background because that was my preference but there are other colours available. I double checked the spelling, headed to the checkout and filled in my details and that really was all I had to do.

The process took around half an hour but it could have taken less time had my laptop not crashed and I had to restart the process. I did discover later that you can save your progress which is a great option if you’re unsure of what pictures you’d like to include.

The delivery time was fantastic. It took three days to arrive at my door and it fit perfectly through the letterbox meaning I didn’t have to wait around for a large, bulky parcel. I opened the parcel and I was blown away by what was inside. The book is small enough for your little one to hold and turn the pages but big enough to be fully appreciated. The quality of the pages is tremendous. They’re thick and can be wiped clean meaning you can enjoy the My First Photo Book for many years to come. The book also comes with rounded corners meaning that your baby won’t hurt himself/herself with sharp edges, all whilst fitting in their small hands.

I’m always honest when it comes to my reviews, but I cannot think of a single negative about the My First Photo Book. One comment I do have is that the selection of fonts you can choose is limited, however, the font I went for is perfect for my book. In the future, perhaps more fonts will be offered.

This is a truly wonderful product. I honestly cannot recommend the My First Photo Book enough. I was so impressed with the design process, the delivery time as well as the finished product. My son is nine months old and he loves to hold the book and turn the pages himself. As he gets older, I look forward to pulling this book out and showing him his many firsts that are documented within. It’s a really special book to us as a family.

It’s never too early to start thinking about gifts for Christmas or if you have an upcoming birthday, then this really is the perfect gift. It’ll be sure to bring tears of happiness to your loved one’s eyes, as it did me, but it’s certainly something that’ll mean a great deal. Not only that, it’s affordable meaning you don’t have the break the bank to create a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Score – 5 out of 5


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