Our First Night Away Post-Baby

For the past ten months, our whole lives have completely changed (for the better, I may add!) as we’ve become parents for the very first time. I think most parents will agree that when you have a baby, being “you” takes a bit of a back seat as you adopt a new moniker as “mum” or “dad.”

On September 3rd, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we decided to go away for the night. It’s the first time since Raife’s been born and to say we were anxious is a slight understatement. We asked my mum and dad if they wouldn’t mind having Raife for us and they absolutely agreed, which we were thankful for.

After shopping around, we chose a hotel in the centre of Cardiff and at 3pm we checked in. Our room was essentially a suite and even though there was a wedding going on downstairs, our room was quiet and peaceful. After much debating, we decided to go out for some drinks. We shared a bottle of white wine and chatted about life – it felt so good to be out and to chat completely uninterrupted or with the sound of the baby monitor beeping in the background. We made our way back to the hotel room and ordered Deliveroo and just chilled out. And ate. And laughed. And slept!

Looking back at this weekend has really made me realise how important it is to take time away and be “Emma” and “Jon.” Although we are parents and really relish this, we’re also a married couple, who have lots of other interests and hobbies besides parenting. I know that so many of us get completely caught up in life and being busy that we forget to make time for ourselves, to breathe and to think about what we really want to do with our time.

Yes. It was incredibly hard to leave the little one. The whole time, I felt as if I was missing my right arm and constantly wondered what he was getting up to with his mamgu and dadcu. We talked non-stop about Raife, how much he’s changed since he was born and how we can’t even remember life before him. As soon as we walked through the door this morning and he clocked us, he had the biggest smile on his face and wanted to show us his new toys. I was finally able to breathe comfortably again and sniffed his baby smell. I felt complete again. He’d had the best time with his grandparents and I think they’d absolutely loved having him – mum said they laughed non-stop! The inevitable mum-guilt I felt for leaving him completely disappeared and I felt that I’d definitely be happy to go out again.

It’ll probably be some time before we go away together again. And that’s okay – as long as we don’t leave it as long next time! I think the last few days have really brought us closer together and we’ve agreed that we’re definitely going to make time to go out more and be “us.” And that that’s absolutely okay.


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